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Gender Equity

"I´ve taught gender equity to
thousands of educators."

From "To Be of Use" by Marge Piercy

The pitcher cries for water to carry
and a person for work that is real.

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What is Gender Equity?

We are still dividing life up into things that girls and women are supposedly good at, and others that boys and men are supposedly good at. As a result, each sex finds parts of life off limits. Gender equity is the effort to stretch the limits so that everyone can experience life to the fullest.

Jo Sanders

Jo Sanders has provided consulting services of the highest quality to education and employment institutions and programs for three decades. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times, among many others. She has appeared on Good Morning, America and many radio stations. Ms. Sanders has published articles on gender equity in Education Leadership, Education Digest, Phi Delta Kappan, ERIC Digest, WEEA Digest, and many other periodicals, in addition to ten books and many book chapters.

Center for Gender Equity

Jo Sanders has been the director of the Center for Gender Equity since the mid-80s. Under her leadership the Center has carried out numerous precedent-setting research and development projects on gender equity in technology, science, and mathematics. The projects have for the most part been nationwide in scope, frequently funded by the National Science Foundation. The Center has also provided extensive staff development for educators at all levels on gender equity, with workshops, seminars, and lectures delivered extensively throughout the United States and abroad.

Areas of Gender Equity Expertise

  • Gender equity in education - all levels
  • Gender equity in technology
  • Gender equity in mathematics and science
  • Nontraditional occupations for women
  • Gender equity in vocational education
  • Gender equity in teacher education
  • Gender equity in occupational preparation
  • Single-sex vs. coed education
  • Gender equity issues for males

Gender Equity Consulting Available

  • Training and staff development
  • Writing, from brochures to books
  • Program development
  • Policy analysis
  • Keynote speeches
  • Evaluation
  • Technical assistance

Recent Clients

  • Dallas Women’s Foundation for Dallas high schools
  • Seattle Girls’ School
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Kent (WA) Public Schools
  • Washington State School Directors Association
  • Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • Montgomery County (MD) Commission on Women
  • Northwest Girls Coalition
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • Center for American Women and Politics
  • University of Wisconsin at Stout